PV System Development Process

1. We recollect the project's information, such as energy consumption, location, desired warranties, etc., and we then send you a proposal with the scope of work and component options.

2. We proceed to coordinate a visit in order to see the location and further discuss the details of the installation and components. In agreement with the costs and the components, a contract is signed for the development of the project.

3. We begin the permitting process with the applicable Government Agencies, the planning of the installation, and the electrical and structural design of the project.

4. Having the approved project permits, we begin with the acquisition and procurement of the components, and after the installation done by trained professionals.

5. We test the system to ensure its proper functioning, we certify the installation with the corresponding agencies and we seek the final permits.

6. Once the project is completed with all the required permits, you can start saving on your electricity bill for years to come!

Contact Info

Email : info@JuapiProjects.com
Postal Address : P.O. Box 364945, San Juan, PR 00936-4945
Telephone : 787-590-6560


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